Where do I start with the man named Jo Koy! He is an American comedian and just like myself, is half Filipino. He has been on the stand-up scene for over 30 years and is finally recognised with two big comedy specials featured on Netflix. In 2017, He self-produced and heavily invested in the first of those shows called “Live from Seattle”, which was then sold to Netflix. In 2018, he was given the prestigious “Stand-Up Comedian of the Year” award at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

I am a huge fan of his comedy and have been watching his shows way before these specials were made. I was instantly drawn to his natural ability to make his shows fast-paced and interpersonal with frank witticisms. His jokes mainly consist of his experiences and growing up with his Filipino identity including satirising the anecdotes and mannerisms of his Filipina mother while raising him in America.

My mom raised us like we were still in the Philippines. She tried to cure everything at home like a real Filipino woman. You had to die to go to the hospital. My mom cured everything with Vicks VapoRub. I should’ve died nine times when I was a kid!

Jo Koy

I can relate to his humour on so many levels as I too have a Filipina mother and find it not only funny but also true, to the fact that everything he says is like I am reminiscing my own life. Having a young daughter in my life, I can also connect to his other material which includes his challenges of fatherhood. I can also notice the knowledge passed to me from my mother which is now materialising in the relationship with my own daughter.

Whenever I talk about my culture, I want to shine a light on it. Even though I’m having fun, I want to make sure it’s uplifting. I’m proud of it, and that’s always been the foundation of my jokes.

Jo Koy

The genuine character of a Filipino is reflected in Jo Koy’s desire and passion and his hard work has truly paid off. It’s obvious he is proud of his Filipino roots and not afraid to embrace his heritage. I cannot wait for his next show and one day hope to watch him live.


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